Coachella Manufacturing has crafted a wide selection of thc vape oils with the purity and quality customers love.

Coachella Manufacturing has had constant inquiries from consumers asking what makes our premium 100% cannabis vape oil among the absolute best in the industry. A continuing passion of ours, we seek to educate and inform our customers and the general consumer by explaining what makes cannabis concentrates most effective and the most naturally pure medicines.

We begin by extracting with experimental grade hydrocarbon solvents at near cryogenic temperatures combined with leading-edge filtration techniques that work to gently finesse out the desirables of the plant while leaving behind the components of the plant that are undesirable. This process of pin-pointing the multitude of cannabinoids and terpenes for extraction while leaving behind all the fatty oils, waxes and other lipids is at the heart of what makes broad-spectrum extract oils far more effective and medicinal than distilled vape oils as, in the distillation process all of the terpenes and many of the cannabinoids other than THC are either discarded or converted into THC negating the “ensemble effect”.

THC Percentage: 90%

CBD Percentage: .03%


Scientifically proven, when cannabinoids are consumed together, such as CBD and THC the efficacy is increased exponentially, and there are over 100 different cannabinoids that have been identified with likely many more to come. Terpenes are also an important medicinal group of compounds in the cannabis plant that provide a range of therapeutic effects including anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and anti-bacterial qualities.

Our goal is to let the plant speak to us with only and all of its natural healing language, in other words, we avoid changing any of the medicinal compounds naturally found in the plant and never add anything that didn’t originate in the plant itself. The result is an vape oil that most accurately represents the full medicinal qualities of the plant while preserving the true flavor and providing the smoothest, most gentle on the throat vaping experience one can find. We urge you to try it for yourself, we know you will feel the difference!

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