Coachella Manufacturing makes sugar concentrate with cured cannabis grown at our in-house cultivation facility, so we can guarantee our cured sugar concentrates to be quality products.

Our sugar is a solvent based extract, that contains micro crystals of THC, similar in size to grains of sugar or salt, floating in terpenes and flavonoids. We love this form of hydrocarbon extract for the perfect ratio of terpenes to THC you effortlessly scoop with each dab.

THC Percentage: 90%

CBD Percentage: .03%

After skillful agitation and time in the vacuum oven, sugar wax is created. Sugar wax has a waxy, crystalline consistency (similar to clumpy, wet sugar). Depending on the marijuana strain used and extraction process, among other variables, sugar wax can range in color anywhere from light gold all the way to dark amber.

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