Diamonds may be a girls’ best friend, but they are also any cannabis connoisseur’s.

Coachella Manufacturing is also known as “The Jewelers”. We recently swept three categories for the diamond concentrates contest at High Times. Just like your favorite jeweler, at Coachella Manufacturing we will tailor the size, cut, and color of the diamond crystals to impress your customers.

Live Diamonds

diamonds concentrate

Cured Clear Diamonds

diamonds concentrate

Live diamonds start with the very best fresh frozen biomass. The process of turning it into THCA crystalline is an exceptionally skillful extraction process that will yield THCA levels of around 99%. Diamonds are extremely popular for the concentrate user as their favorite form for consumption, but as of late, we’re finding a lot of our customers are using diamonds in prerolls and joints to support the demand from the smoker community as well.

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