At Coachella Manufacturing, we consistently craft potent slabs of shatter because we only use premium products.

Another cured cannabis concentrate that we produce at our Coachella extraction facility is shatter. With a resemblance like a sheet of gold glass, cured shatter has been a favorite of Los Angeles consumers since its arrival on the concentrate scene.

With the recent boom in the California concentrate community, there has been lots of experimentation in extraction to create varying consistencies, but at Coachella Manufacturing we believe you should never mess with perfection. When performing our cured shatter extractions, we focus on attention to detail and precision to end up with a clean, clear sheet of shatter concentrate.

THC Percentage: 90%

CBD Percentage: .03%

Many marijuana users in California hold shatter as their concentrate of preference because while it is an extract product, it is known to preserve the flavors and taste of the original plant. Because what makes good shatter is the finished product being pure, solid, and stable, dried marijuana is actually an ideal starting material for shatter extractions. Unlike other concentrates, there is no agitation involved because all the compounds need to remain combined in order to culminate in a finished product that is a consistent, transparent sheet of shatter.

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